FMC Pharmaceutical

FMC Pharmaceutical is a newly developed pharmaceutical company that procures locally available foreign branded generic medicines and general consumables for Faruk Medical City. FMC Pharmaceutical has plans to import medications in the future and not rely solely on the local market.

The Pharmaceutical's general consumables include medical machines, instruments and tools to conduct daily medical procedures. The consumables mostly come from well known cities like Sulaimani and Erbil, a small quantity comes from Turkey.

The volume of work for the last five months was one million USD values of commodities sold to FMC (600,000 USD for medications and 400,000 USD for consumables) as well as $500,000 medical equipment and medical services.

One of FMC Pharmaceutical's objectives is to provide the region with international equipment in the future and to position itself in the market as the main distributor for international brands which the Kurdistan region is currently lacking. Selling exclusive medication to the region is also one of FMC Pharmaceutical's biggest goals.

FMC Pharmaceutical's future plan is to go beyond supplying for Faruk Medical City. The company strives to extend its presence to other hospitals, clinics, and companies while maintaining the same level of quality. FMC Pharmaceutical is headquartered in Sulaimani, Kurdistan, Iraq.